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VOP9-Vintage Overdrive Pro-

"The VOP9 is the holy grail of distortion pedals."

The SD-9 was my live pedal for at least five years, but the only thing I didn't like about it was that the really high notes were a bit thin when using single coils. So I switched to an Xotic BB for awhile - it was fatter sounding on the high notes but missing the low bass frequencies of the SD-9.

Now Maxon is making the VOP-9, which for me is the holy grail of distortion pedals. It's got the low bass just like the SD-9, but the mid frequencies are really perfect for single coils. The high notes are extremely fat, but it's not woofy when I switch to the neck pickup and it still has the spank and attack of the SD-9. With a humbucker, the VOP-9 is a little woofy sounding, so if you have a humbucking pickup I'd go with the SD-9.

Mike Landau plays a lot with a humbucker in the bridge position and he's been using an SD-9 for as long as I can remember. He's got great tone in his hands and great ears - that's a big part of it, but I'd imagine that anyone who heard one of Mike's records and knew he was using an SD-9 would immediately run out and buy one.

I hear a lot of pedals and when you get up to the level of Xotic and Maxon, it's all good depending on taste, but for my style of playing I like the VOP-9 and SD-9 the most. Also, even though I don't use it live anymore (only because my pedalboard has to fit in a suitcase) the Maxon OD-9, which is their version of the Tube Screamer, is the best sounding one out there, and I've compared it to old vintage Ibanez TS-808's and TS-9's, modified and unmodified - no contest. Plus, the Maxon pedals are true bypass.

Scott Henderson - VOP9Scott Henderson


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VOP9-Vintage Overdrive Pro-

SD9は少なくとも5年間私のライブペダルだった。しかし、唯一私が好きでなかったのは、シングルコイルを使った時、高音が少し音やせするということだった。それで、しばらくの間Xotic BBに切り替えた。高音は太くなったけれども、SD9の低音域周波数は無くなってしまった。


Mike Landauはブリッジポジションでハンバッカーをよく使っている。彼は、私が覚えている限りSD9を使い続けてきた。彼は彼の手と耳ですばらしいトーンを得た。それが大部分を占めるのだが - 誰でもMikeのレコードを聞いて彼がSD9を使っていると知った人は走って買いに行くと私は想像する。

私は多くのペダルの音を聞いているし、あなたがXoticやMaxonのレベルに達した時、好み次第でどれもいいと思う。私の弾き方のスタイルではVOP9とSD9が一番気に入っている。ライブではもう使っていないが(私のペダルボードをスーツケースに合わせなければならないという理由で)、Maxon OD9は、Tube ScreamerのMaxonバージョンだがベストのサウンドだ。OD9をオールドヴィンテージIbanez TS-808やTS-9、モディファイしたものそうでないものを比較してみた - 比較にならない。さらに、MaxonペダルはTBSだ。