JAN : 4515615003477
UPC : 840433000501
  • Provides power for up to 7 effect pedals with maximum 2000mA.

  • Auto-voltage sensing allows operation on 100VAC - 240VAC AC,
    making PS2 perfect for worldwide touring musicians. Main countries’ safety standard approved.

  • Employs DC voltage stabilizer and over-current protector with auto-restoration method.

  • AC Adaptor AC2009 can supply power to other companies' guitar effects (9VDC, polarity: center negative).

    ※ There is 1 - 2 sec. of time lag before the LED actually lights.


■AC2009 / AC Adaptor■
  Input  100 - 240V~, 50-60Hz, 0.6A
 (AC100V~, 50-60Hz, 36VA)
  Output  DC9V 2.0A 
  DC plug    center negative (-), Sleeve positive (+)
  Suitable plug size:
   internal dia. 2.1mm / external dia. 5.5mm / length 9.5mm
  Dimension    50(W)×80(D)×31(H)mm
  Weight   approx.185g
    power supply cord
  AC cord: x 1.
  AC plug type of AC2009 varies with the suffix as shown below.
  AC2009 AN for Australia, New Zealand
  AC2009 C for China
  AC2009 J for Japan
  AC2009 K for South Korea
  AC2009 N for USA, Canada
  AC2009 U for Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany,
         Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, etc.
  AC2009 UK for United Kingdom
  Weight:Part No. ACCJ for Japan approx. 80g
  (Weight differs depending on the AC cord type.)

■Optional Power Supply Cord■
 Price: JPY 1,500(excluding tax)
 Part No. Major Country
  ACCJ  Japan 
  ACCAN  Australia, New Zealand 
  ACCC   China
  ACCK   South Korea
  ACCN  USA, Canada
  ACCU   Austria,Belgium,Denmark,Finland,France,
 Germany,Italy,Netherlands,Norway,Sweden,Switzerland, etc.
  ACCUK   United Kingdom 

 ※Specifications are subject to change without notice.