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  JAN : 4515615003385
UPC : 840433000419
  • A pure and crystal-clear analog delay with Maxon BBD IC (MC4107D).
    AD9Pro features up to 450mSec delay time with 4 pieces of MC4107D.
    With the world’s first RMS level sensor and companding noise reduction system,
    transparent analog delay sound is finally available in a stompbox format.

  • With AD9Pro, typical aliasing and clock noises in analog delay are minimized.
    Dynamic range was improved by 18dB and maximum input level by 12dB, compared with AD9.
    Improved low range response yields bold sound.
    Excellent balance between low and high range offers clear and firm delay sound without
    spoiling warm sound of analog delay.

  • Single Head/Dual Head Mode is switchable with newly added tape echo multi-head simulation function.
    In Dual Head Mode, midstream delay signal (which is taken from the middle of BBD delay circuit) is
    added into normal delay signal. This feature provides extensive delay effects such as tape echo multi-head simulation and ambience effect of a concert hall.

  • True Bypass Switching on both outputs with 4PDT mechanical switch.
    No alteration to tone of dry signal when effect is bypassed.

  • Two-way power operation, using 9V alkaline battery or optional AC adaptor.
    (9V alkaline battery: more than 7 hours, 9V manganese battery: more than 2 hours) Easy-access,
    tool-free battery compartment.

  • AD9Pro uses a stabilized DC to DC converter to bump up to 9V (plus and minus 4.5V).
    Battery voltage drop and fluctuation of AC power source do not affect the tone and function.



  Input Impedance   500k ohms
  Output Impedance   10k ohms or less
  Delay Time   20msec - 450msec
  Residual Noise   -100dB or less (IHF-A)
  Operating Voltage   9V/DC
  Power Supply   6F22/6LF22 9V battery x 1 or Maxon AC adaptor
  Power Consumption   DELAY TIME MIN 39mA/DC.9V 38mA/DC.10V
  Battery life   manganese dry battery more than 2 hours
   25deg C / 77deg F (Panasonic 6F22NB)
  alkaline dry battery more than 8 hours
   25deg C / 77deg F (Panasonic 6LR61G)
  Dimensions   74(W)×124(D)×54(H)mm
  Weight   580g (including battery)
  Accessory   6F22 9V battery x 1, operating manual

 ※Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  User's Guide【1.2MB】